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All-Around Progression


Freestyle / Wakestyle


Light Wind


4th Gen
Freestyle / Wakestyle


3rd gen
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While your friends lounge around on the beach soaking up UV-rays, you can be busting out all the tricks in your repertoire, carving up the waves and riding the adrenaline all to yourself. Fast, powerful, responsive, and a thrill to ride, the Fat Lady has been the proven choice for light wind kiteboarding. All of Blade’s products are famed for their rapid-turning and ultra-responsiveness, and the Fat Lady is by no means an exception. Don’t be fooled by the name - the Fat Lady’s agility and speed will blow you away.

•Relentlessly powerful
•Super thin LE and 3 struts for quick, direct turning
•Amazing low-end performance
•Reflex-Relaunch design 

Kite Size: 17






Surprisingly, the diameter of the LE is nearly the same diameter as the Trigger 12m! This design characteristic drastically reduces drag forces, making this light wind kite impressively quick and responsive.

Reflex Relaunch

Whether the kite dives onto the water or tumbles through the waves,, it doesn’t matter. The exclusive kite design forces the wingtips out of the water and to the edge of the window. Virtually no work is needed to get back up and riding.

Dynamic Profile

The profile shape from the leading to the trailing edge changes as you move from the center out towards the wingtips. This rider-conscious design provides the optimal performance characteristics for the different stages of flight.

3 struts

The 3-strut kite design has proven itself since the day Blade introduced it in 2008, enhancing the responsiveness and turning speed for any size kite.

Turning Axis – Mid-Pivot

Turning axis is generated along the LE between center strut and wingtip, resulting in efficient balance between turning speed and power delivery. This is a key performance feature for all-around kites.

Steep Profile Shape

A steeper profile shape has many added benefits, primarily in jumping performance. The deep contours pack the kite with immediate power, giving the acquired thrust for big aerials.


Valve Reinforcements

Additional valve reinforcements were added to firmly attach all air-valves to the bladder. One from below and one from above. We’ve also purpose-designed a new bladder adhesive to suit the unique requirements of kite construction.

Bridle Attachment Point

Internally constructed, the leading edge has twice as many reinforcement patches. That means larger LE impact loads and additional protection from the constant wear of abrasion.

Molded LE Guards

Molded LE guards are lighter, more aerodynamic, and effectively protect the leading edge and canopy.

Insignia Tape

We know you like to ride hard. That’s why the Fat Lady has 25% more Insignia Tape in the delicate areas surrounding the LE. You can be confident this kite will endure even the toughest impact.

Dacron 160HPE

Unique Dacron material used for the leading edge, struts and tips is considerably lighter, but efficiently stronger. This is thanks to our tried-and-tested, innovative box threading design, which has more rigid construction and allows for a tighter weave.

Teijin Techno Force

Our top of the line Techno Force canopy material has been a mainstay of our product line for 4 years, and has proven to be superior to anything else on the market.

MAD 2 Air Flow System

The specially-designed valve pieces on the Trigger’s one-pump system are 100 percent foolproof. Trust us, you’ll be pumped up and ready to hit the waves in no time!




What is your biggest accomplishment in the Fat Lady?

Three years ago when we first set out to make a light wind kite, we were determined to uphold our reputation of producing fast-turning, dynamic kites. The biggest challenge presented by the Fat Lady was the combination of the kite’s dominating size and the light wind conditions it was going to perform in. After extensive testing in light wind conditions, we designed an especially narrow leading edge. This creates the lively, dynamic ride we were looking for, but it wasn’t easy. We went through extensive engineering and first-hand testing before we produced a light wind kite that delivered usable power, a pronounced pop and efficient upwind performance.

What makes the Fat Lady different from most other light wind kites?

Almost everybody who tests the Fat Lady for the first time is blown away by her quick turning abilities. This is definitely the thing that sets it apart from other light wind kites. This kite genuinely surprises a lot of people when they discover they can perform all their ordinary tricks on such a big kite and in relatively light conditions. We don’t claim we can reproduce the same liveliness as you’d find in a 10m kite in the bigger model, but the Fat Lady proves you can still have bucket-loads of fun with a 17m kite. 

What special features did you use?

It’s only when you get up close to the Fat Lady that you truly start to understand just how narrow the LE is. Compared to the Trigger, the LE is the same diameter as the 12m! As a result, there is a huge reduction in drag, creating a much smoother ride. The 3-strut design also isn’t common on a 17m kite and this contributes to the remarkable feeling of agility in the kite and its peerless qualities in performance.